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🇺🇸 State Compliance

Even better pricing for Starter customers

Many of our Starter customers only needed us to register or manage a few states, but they had prior presence and open accounts already.

Going forward, these customers will not be charged for existing states that are stored on the AO platform, which are not "managed" by AbstractOps. You can store account details, files / notices and share access with your team at no cost.

Now, you'll only be charged for states that AbstractOps manages for you. That means states where we:

  • Register / deregister your accounts
  • Manage annual report filing / franchise tax filings where applicable
  • Handle registered agent services & cover the fees
  • Ingest and centralize state communications (snail mail and/or email)

As we do this all for a price that we tried to make as much of a "no-brainer" as possible: $400 / state / year.

Introducing AO-managed states (Starter only)

So that means we now allow you to explicitly opt-in to a state being managed by AO.

  • Store existing state details via Manage States -> Store Active State Registration
  • On the state's page, click Manage Registrations -> Have AbstractOps Manage this State

Once selected, we will take over the management of the state, including registered agent services, annual filings, and ingesting physical mail + email.

New and improved action menus

Last month, we highlighted our new dashboard action menu. Now, we have introduced a streamlined state-specific action menu, making it easy to add a new department, request a deregistration, have AO take over management of the state, and more. You can access this from any of your state pages!

Managing only a Secretary of State / Foreign Qualification

Many of our customers ask us to register in a state for reasons other than payroll tax. Perhaps they have a location, or need to register with the state for business purposes.

To accommodate such states where you have no employees but you do have other business activities, you can now register with just the Secretary of State (SoS), along with getting a Registered Agent (which most states require if you have an SoS account).

While the most common reason we help companies register in a state is for hiring / payroll tax purposes, this takes us one step closer to being a true hub for your US State compliance.

We have also updated the risk logic to account for "SoS-only" states so that your compliance rating is reflective of your activity in that state.

Easily see State contact details

Accessing state agency contact details has never been easier. Now, you can find the URL and phone number for each agency, eliminating the need to search through multiple websites or experience transfers to incorrect departments.

Changes to the Issue creation workflow (Core customers)

Previously, when forwarding an attachment to your ingestion email ([email protected] or [email protected]) we would send you an email asking if you would like an issue created for AO to review.

Going forward, we will automatically create an issue for all attachments, including emails coming from a .gov domain. Now, you can rest assured that AO is reviewing all of your critical notices to keep you compliant.

For any requests that do not have a related attachment, please navigate to a state page in the platform and click Manage Registrations -> Have another request?

💡 Tips & Best Practices

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Have you completed your San Francisco Business License renewal?

If you operate in or have employees in San Francisco, you are required to file your annual SF Business License renewal by 5/31/2023. For instructions on how to file, head here. Want us to handle it for you? Simply send us a message on your California state page in the product.

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