Announcing AbstractOps 3.0

Announcing AbstractOps 3.0
AbstractOps 3.0

Here at AbstractOps, we’re obsessed with breaking down the silos between HR and legal.

After working with hundreds of startups, we know that scaling teams spend too much time on back-office tasks that span HR, legal and compliance.

🤔 Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Using Word, DocuSign, email, Google Drive, and Preview to finalize a contract.
  • Switching between Lever, Hellosign, Gusto, Checkr, Carta, G Suite, and Notion to hire an employee.
  • Googling state registrations or spending 3 hours on hold with the department of labor.
  • Sending 15 emails to coordinate details required for an equity issuance (legal bill: 🤑).

Why? Because there’s no other way to connect the dots. Frustratingly, none of these platforms talk to each other, making collaboration between functions a slow process.

Enter AbstractOps. The single workspace for all your contracts, hiring, state reg, and payment needs. We bring together HR and legal operations into a single platform.

Those of you who have been following along with us know that we started solving this problem two years ago. Since then, we’ve been hard at work standardizing and centralizing repeatable tasks required to operate a company.

Today, we’re excited to share that we’re launching AbstractOps 3.0. It comes with a ton of new functionality and a true product-first solution to back office admin. Read on to learn more!

A single workspace for your back office

📜 Contracts: Template and send any agreement for e-sign. We pre-fill information to avoid repetition and errors. When it’s signed, it’ll automatically be renamed and filed in the right folder.

👋 Hiring: Send and track offers. Sync new employees to payroll with one click. Unify HR records and keep cap tables in sync. See hiring statuses at a glance.

🛡️ State Registrations: Put your regulatory compliance on autopilot. Hire someone in a new state? Need to complete a sales tax registration? Dealing with notices from 9 jurisdictions? We’ve got you covered.

🔎 Connected Data: Since all of the above apps are in a single workspace, your data is connected across each of them. As a result, AO becomes the search engine for your company. We organize and index the web of your corporate info: documents, people, compliance... and so much more.

Welcome to the modern way of running a startup, free of context switching.

Check out all the details here.

Want to dive deeper and learn exactly how to use these new features to make your life easier? RSVP to our live Product Office Hours here.

New: Services add on

Because we know many early-stage companies are not staffed up internally to operate HR/legal, we know that the help of an experienced operator in critical moments is really valuable. So, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Levy to provide powerful fractional COO/Chief of Staff services as an add-on package.

✍️ Sign up here; we’d love to help.

🤗 Check out our jobs page here; we’re hiring for several roles.

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