The Best Tools to Optimize Employee Quarterly Reviews 

by Adarsh Raj Bhatt

Importance of Employee Quarterly Reviews

Performance reviews are very important, because they will help develop employees. Employees can have an insight into how they are doing with the job and employers can focus on working to facilitate growth and improvement.

The reviews are all about looking forward. A good performance review system is designed to facilitate conversations between employees and their managers. It aids in goal setting, talking about the big picture, and gets team members excited about their work, which will have long-lasting impacts on your company’s success.

It can also keep rewards fair and transparent. It allows managers more opportunities to address and reinforce good behaviors and practices. Finally, a well-executed review can also streamline the process within the company.

Upping your performance review frequency benefits your employees, your managers and the organization. Quarterly reviews allow managers to address performance issues quickly, work out a plan to help the employee improve, and check in on a more regular basis to ensure that performance is, in fact, improving. Quarterly reviews also give managers more opportunities to address and reinforce good behaviors and practices.

Frequent feedback helps employees grow and improve over time, and it keeps them focused on their goals throughout the year. When team members grasp where they stand and how their performance is aligning with expectations, it gives them a road map and motivation for improvement.

Top Tools For Employee Quarterly Reviews

Comparison Based on Customer Reviews


  • Positive Reviews: A user says that it’s extremely user friendly and easy to adopt. 15Five was rolled out organically across their organization. This lets the user engage at scale effectively while also keeping the personal touch that comes with commenting & liking on discussions that happen.
  • Negative Reviews: A user says some of the restrictions behind the polls and reporting is behind the “15Five Plus” upgrade but would provide a high level of value even within the base levels. He also wishes that it would be possible to turn on 15Five Plus for subsections of their users rather than either being turned on or off.


  • Positive Reviews: A user says that the surveys in 6Q are only 6 questions thus it increases participation in the company as compared to the long surveys they were required to fill before. The frequency of the surveys can be easily customized thus we can have frequent surveys for the new joiners and can be less frequent for old employees.
  • Negative Reviews: A user says that the tool is good at increasing engagement with the company but does not give many actionable insights.

Culture Amp

  • Positive Reviews: A user says that the software allows you to set demographics and view the reporting in the platform accordingly. Reports can be branded, exported as CSV, ppt, pdf, etc : which can save you a ton of time in preparing to present to senior management.
  • Negative Reviews: A user says that there are some minor UI experiences in some parts of the website and configurations of surveys that aren’t super logical to locate at first.


  • Positive Reviews: A user says that Energage’s customer service is always ready to help. Energage’s website is simple to use and user:friendly.
  • Negative Reviews: A user says that the only downside was during the setup and launch of the survey. The survey link gave error messages on the launch date of the survey which was frustrating on their team.


  • Positive Reviews: A user says that Glint provides a partnership to a better understanding of engagement within the organization. Rather than just tossing numbers, they help interpret not only the results but what actions will help move engagement forward as an organization.
  • Negative Reviews: A user says that he would like slicing and dicing of data to be easier. Sometimes the platform can feel too “user friendly” which means it is more GUI than a reporting tool.


  • Positive Reviews: A user says that it’s great that peers can request your feedback, as this is important for both promotions and compensation conversations.
  • Negative Reviews: A user says that he wishes that they could also invite clients and 3rd parties to give their Sales Reps, Customer Success Managers, Implementation Consultants and Support Agents feedback using Impraise. One tool where all feedback is stored, both internally as externally if applicable.


  • Positive Reviews: A user says that Lattice is welcoming, easy to use and figure out how to get what you need, and really snappy. The feedback feature is fantastic, and he absolutely loves the Lattice Office Party game.
  • Negative Reviews: A user says that the app is a bit slow sometimes, for example, the modal for giving feedback, when you type somebody’s name in it, you need to wait 2:3 seconds after selecting somebody to actually select it and see the data in the UI.


  • Positive Reviews: A user says that giving direct feedback anonymously and being able to implement it into the organization quickly. The ability to get your ear to the ground around a problem in the organization you may not even know existed.
  • Negative Reviews: A user says that he would like the questions to dig in a little more. Have a little more variety. Another great option to see is being able to change the number of questions to dig in and get a little more granular on a particular subject.


  • Positive Reviews: A user says the extremely user:friendly platform is easy to get the most inexperienced user up and running quickly. And then, the platform is sophisticated enough through the use of triggers, contact lists, APIs, multiple question formats, etc. to do almost anything that you can imagine.
  • Negative Reviews: A user says numeric inputs are done through a text field where validation can confirm numeric values (that is great); however, there is no easy way to format the field (currency, commas, etc.) without the use of javascript.


  • Positive Reviews: A user says the recognition wall with Slack, feedback tool, check:in module for performance reviews, 1:1 capabilities with google calendar and prompted questions, new survey features for onboarding/exit/COVID.
  • Negative Reviews: A user says that he would love more comprehensive people analytics included with the package to understand more easily employees at risk for retention purposes. Additionally, it would be nice to have a more comprehensive integration with HRIS to pull comp data and map to review process info for the people analytics portion.

Reward Gateway

  • Positive Reviews: A user says employees are given the choice on how they save money. They have the option of accessing it instantly though the app via Instant Vouchers or with cashback. It is very easy to use and extremely accessible.
  • Negative Reviews: A user says he dislikes having to log into the website, instead of an app to load the money onto cards. He also believes they should offer more features and ways to engage employees more.


  • Positive Reviews: A user says that RoundPegg is an award:winning cloud:based Employee Engagement software, it is designed to support the small and medium:size business. RoundPegg received a rating of 4.9 from the ITQlick team. Great People, Great Company, trying to improve the workplace by identifying and helping companies manage employees through their important individual values.
  • Negative Reviews: A user says that The Employee Engagement experts at ITQlick have reviewed RoundPegg pricing and gave the software a total cost of ownership (TCO) rating of 5 out of 10.


  • Positive Reviews: A user says that it is really clever little Slack integration. Well done!
  • Negative Reviews: A user says Subcurrent seems to be completely useless without Slack integration. He wants his team to be able to move away from Slack later without losing the poll results or the ability to run polls in a familiar setting.


  • Positive Reviews: A user says TINYpulse Suggestions have streamlined their internal communication, helped build trust between employees and management, and added accountability across the entire organization.
  • Negative Reviews: A user says the “Pulse” interface within their app constantly defaults to pulses from when they first started using TINYpulse which is frustrating. He also wishes it integrated with their RingCentral chat.


  • Positive Reviews: A user says that he likes the fact that the company objectives can be connected to team objectives and individual objectives. This makes it possible to understand how each person on the team is contributing to the company’s overall direction.
  • Negative Reviews: A user says that the website does not have too many special features. It could keep track of anything it does on paper. However, it is generally convenient just to have one digital spot from which to view it all.

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