Messaging and Support in AbstractOps

The messaging feature can be found throughout the AbstractOps product and can be used to share status updates and context with your team and communicate with AbstractOps.

Messaging and Asking AO for Help

  1. Log into your instance;
  2. Navigate to the page where you would like to leave a message, such as the State Compliance dashboard or an Issues page.
  3. At the top right of your page, select the button labeled "All messages"

4. Type your message and/or tag a teammate by typing @ followed by their name, add an emoji or attach a file to the message.


5. To ask for assistance from the AO team, use the messaging feature to type out your message and tag the AO team by typing @AbstractOps, then click Send - the AO team will be happy to assist you;

6. Select the three dots at the far right of a comment to Connect to share (share a comment via Slack), Share via email (share a comment via email), Unsubscribe (unsubscribe from receiving updates on comments for a given item), or Resolve (resolve the issue).

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