March Newsletter

🚀 What’s New

We are excited to announce that submitting compliance notices and asking for AO to help is easier than ever before! Our team has also implemented a new system that automatically provides a risk assessment in each state you are registered in, making it simple to keep track of your compliance status and identify potential gaps in registrations.

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🇺🇸 State Compliance

How compliant is your business?

Struggling with knowing if you’re actually compliant on payroll tax registrations for your rapidly growing distributed team?

Worry no more! AbstractOps will automatically give you a compliance score for each state and flag any gaps in registrations. We’re happy to assist with any gaps and get you registered with all departments. Over time, we’ll expand the logic here to call out states with overdue notices, upcoming deadlines, etc.

Submitting a doc for review is now so easy — from email or in-app

We want to make asking for help as easy as possible. There are three ways to submit a notice and ask AbstractOps to review — forwarding an email, uploading to the platform, or creating an issue on an existing file:

Email forwarding: Forward the notice you received in your email, physical, or virtual mailbox to the email shown here. This is a special mailbox dedicated just for state compliance files you send us. You will receive an email back asking if you would like AbstractOps to review it; if you click that button, it creates an issue on your dashboard for our review.

Upload it to your State Compliance Documents or the individual state page, and ask AO to review.

Is the file already in AbstractOps? Open the file and click “create issue”

View ETAs and fees for new registrations

To create more visibility into the registration process, we now tell you how long it takes to register with each department and how much it will cost.

Updated status on in-flight issues, so you know if something is waiting on you, us, or a state

⚙️ General Product Improvements

Billing and user management in-app

You are now able to easily add, remove, and view users on your account. This way, you can ensure that everyone has the correct access and enable more team collaboration.

Additionally, we have made it easy to view your billing information and invoices. Simply navigate to the Settings page and toggle to Billing!

View your Company’s core information (EIN, entity type, Officers, 5% owners) easily

We’ve made it easy to access critical company information and quickly find key stakeholder information. This is likely to stay very up to date, since every new registration automatically keeps this information updated!

💡 Tips & Best Practices

Tax and filing season callouts

Many states require you to file an annual report in April and May. You will receive reminders in your physical/virtual mail box, along with some potential scams. If you’re unsure how to submit the report or determine the legitimacy of the notice, we’re happy to help.

SVB and cash management

Affected by the SVB closure or looking for ways to diversify your company’s cash management? Our CEO, Hari Raghavan, put together a useful resource for founders and teams navigating this challenge. Find it here.

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