Forbes Cloud 100 Rising Stars 2021

by Adam Spector August 10th, 2021

AbstractOps is honored to be recognized as one of the Forbes 100 Rising Stars of 2021. The Cloud impacts every business today. To be at the vanguard of that impact implies that you are a leading business of the future. The list of companies in The Cloud 100 is a who's who of top technology startup businesses.

Being recognized by Forbes as a business that has qualities similar to those innovative, game-changing businesses in the Cloud 100 is a tribute to the hard work of our team. Our mission is to make every single business successful by removing the pain of back-office, "run the business" work. We have a lot of work to do to achieve this mission but believe that doing so will lead to even more successful entrepreneurs and businesses, which is a net-win for the world.

We are humbled by the recognition. As we look up to The Cloud 100, we know we have far to go but also much we can and expect to achieve. Onwards and upwards - to the Cloud! :)

The Cloud 100
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