February Newsletter

🚀 What’s New

Storing existing state registration data and documents for your entire distributed team has never been easier! See for yourself by getting up and running in less than 10 minutes. You can now add your existing state registrations with ease and manage all of your compliance documents and notices in one place.

🇺🇸 State Compliance

Store your existing registration info: Already registered in a state? We’ve made it easy to add account details so that you have one central place to track all of your state registrations…and we mean ALL. We don’t charge you just to store your registrations, to ensure you can get the most value from centralizing your data.

Store State Compliance documents in one place:

Before: Notices piling up in your virtual mailbox, at your house, and goodness knows where? Total chaos.

After: Everything beautifully streamlined on your State Compliance Documents page. Easily upload a compliance notice to this page (or on individual state pages), and let us know if you’d like us to review on your behalf.

Easier to ask for status checks: Ask AO for help or status updates via commenting, and know when there are updates to look at**.** You’ll also receive emails for replies to threads you’re on or when tagged.

⚙️ General Product Improvements

  • Browse by file category and a familiar sub-folder structure: We’ve updated the vault views, enhanced our filtering system, and added file icons to create a more pleasant UX and allow you to find that specific Word Doc you were looking for.

💡 Tips & Best Practices

Tax season callouts

  • As we approach tax season, states will be sending out updates and notifications. Some will be important and others you can ignore as they do not apply. If you are unsure if something applies to your company, upload it to us for review.
  • 🚨 Tax season is scam season - this is an unfortunate truth. You will begin to be flooded with solicitations, some of which will look remarkable authentic. If you receive anything suspicious or if you are unsure, upload it for our review and allow us to authenticate it for you.

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