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Electronic signature software can be used by you and your online coworkers to sign documents digitally. Whether you only need to sign a PDF once in a while or want a complete solution that helps your customers and clients sign papers online, there's probably a solution in the list we have compiled that fits your needs.

The finest electronic signature solutions simplify and accelerate your signing procedures while also improving customer service and data management. We centered our evaluation on crucial elements such as ease-of-use, systems and documents supported, security, and cost, all of which have an impact on a product's general performance. 

What to Look for When Choosing Vendors in This Space?


Choose software that is easy to use and straightforward, with the goal of providing a great customer experience each time. Reusable designs and highlighted required fields are just some of the useful functions that may help you get there!

Document and System Support

To manage everyday work, your staff most likely uses a dozen different business software applications. Productivity and efficiency will be boosted quickly by using electronic signature software that connects with employees’ favorite applications like Google, Microsoft, and Box and works on all OS.


As a general guideline, the product should use SSL encryption to protect your data and docs. Add in a complete audit trail that traces the whole signature process, from the signer's email account and the smartphone's IP address to the document's fingerprints and timestamp.

To understand the competitors of DocuSign, let's evaluate Docusign first.


Description: DocuSign is a market-leading technology that offers substantial support for safe, cloud-based contract signing and management.

Best for: Consumers and startups of all sizes and sectors who wish to ditch paper in favor of online agreements that deliver faster outcomes, reduced costs, and more client satisfaction.


  • Personal: $120 annually
  • Standard: $300 annually
  • Business Pro: $480 annually
  • Enhanced: Custom pricing

Evaluation of Key Criteria: 

  • Ease of use: DocuSign is a quick and secure method to digitally sign paperwork and agreements from virtually any device, and from anywhere on the planet. It's very simple to use.
  • Documents supported: Supported file formats include .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, xlsx, .txt, and many others.
  • Systems Supported: 
  • Mobile Applications: Apple iOS® 8.0 and above; Android™ 4.0 and above;

Windows 8.1 and above; Windows 10; Windows Phone 8.1. Mobile Web Sending: Apple iOS® 6.0 and above; Android™ 2.3 or above.

  • Security: HTTPS and other secure protocols, such as SSL, SSH, IPsec, SFTP, or secure channel signing and sealing, are used for accessing data and transfer activities.



  • After the free trial gets over, a subscription is necessary for using DocuSign.
  • All features demand a relatively costly subscription.
  • For the most demanding requirements, paid product add-ons are necessary.

Who are DocuSign Competitors?


Description: PandaDoc is one of the biggest competitors of DocuSign. It has a user-friendly UI and affordable rates, such as a free plan that may be used for a variety of individual and corporate signature purposes.

Best for: Businesses ranging - in scale - from startups to enterprises 


  • Free
  • Essentials: $19 per user, per month
  • Business: $49 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Evaluation of Key Criteria:

  • Ease of Use: PandaDoc makes it simple for clients to fill up and sign papers.
  • System Support:
  • Mac — Safari — Most recent stable version
  • Windows and Mac — Google Chrome — Most recent stable version
  • Windows and Mac — Mozilla Firefox — Most recent stable version
  • Windows 10 – MS Edge — Most recent stable version
  • Document Support: Supported file formats for upload include pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, and docx.
  • Security: PandaDoc employs bank-grade AES-256 encryption and a secured key management system, which is similar to what the majority of banks, financial organizations, and federal agencies use for their online apps.

Advantages over DocuSign:

  • For competitive and expanding enterprises, DocuSign's pay-per-envelope pricing model is not a good match. PandaDoc's subscription-based plans keep your expanding startup on track while staying under budget for electronic signature software.
  • PandaDoc has its own repository of standardized templates that you may edit. These can save you time while also ensuring that your material is consistent.

Disadvantages over DocuSign:

  • Advanced document editors are available in both DocuSign and PandaDoc. DocuSign, on the other hand, has additional features and resources that make document editing simpler and more convenient.
  • When it comes to mobile apps, DocuSign is more sophisticated than PandaDoc. This is because, unlike PandaDoc, DocuSign allows you to append attributes to documents and upload data.


Description: A digital signature system that is hosted in the cloud. Workflow automation and judicial recognition are among its primary features.

Best for: HelloSign is a digital signature platform that allows startups of all sizes to organize and sign their most important papers.


  • Free
  • Essentials: $180 annually
  • Dropbox Professional + eSign: $24.99 per month
  • Standard: Starting at $600 annually
  • Premium: Custom Pricing

Evaluation of Key Criteria:

  • Ease of Use: Very easy to use, makes signing paperwork a breeze
  • System Support: Works on all major operating systems.
  • Document Support: HelloSign supports a wide range of file types, including doc, docx,.pdf, ppsx, ppt, pptx, jpg, jpeg, png, xls, xlsx, txt, html, and gif.
  • Security: All communications use TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. Documents are preserved and encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption.

Advantages over DocuSign

  • For startups seeking to expand, enterprise scaling is essential. Due to limited flexibility and outrageous pricing hikes, DocuSign customers churn. HelloSign, on the other hand, is committed to helping your company grow.
  • Unlike DocuSign, HelloSign provides a personalized API support staff that is dedicated to ensuring that you get more out of your HelloSign experience.

Disadvantages over DocuSign:

  • DocuSign is the clear victor when it comes to integrations. Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office 365 integrations are available on all of their packages. 
  • DocuSign has a DocuSign Analyzer that uses AI-based analytics to help you identify what you've been invited to commit to so that you can quickly negotiate terms.

EchoSign (now Adobe Sign)

Description: Adobe Sign is a cloud-based e-signature service that helps you communicate, sign, monitor, and manage signing procedures, all from your computer or mobile device. It's a component of Adobe's Document Cloud service.

Best for: Startups of all sizes


  • Acrobat Standard DC for teams: $14.99 per month, per license
  • Acrobat Pro DC for teams: $16.99 per month, per license
  • Acrobat Sign Solutions: Custom pricing

Evaluation of Key Criteria:

  • Ease of Use: Customers can easily fill out and sign paperwork found online. Sophisticated dashboards let employees swiftly assess and streamline applications.
  • System Support:
  • Browsers:
  • Microsoft Windows 10 using Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, or a current version of Firefox or Chrome
  • Microsoft Windows 8 using Internet Explorer 11 or later, or a current version of Firefox or Chrome
  • Mac OS X v11 or later using Safari 7 or later, or a current version of Firefox or Chrome
  • Mobile Apps:
  • iOS, Android
  • Document Support: Supported file types are doc, docx, rtf, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, txt, csv, html, htm, tiff, tif, bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, and png.
  • Security: Adobe Sign employs PCI DSS-approved encryption algorithms to encrypt documents and assets at rest with AES 256-bit encryption and uses HTTPS TLS v1.2 to protect data in transit.

Advantages over DocuSign: 

  • Adobe Sign is an excellent online signature choice for individuals and small and medium-sized startups which don't require specialized automation or analytics.
  • Adobe Sign also offers further brand-building possibilities at a lesser cost, as well as layouts to get individuals started on branded documents quickly.

Disadvantages over DocuSign: 

  • DocuSign will effortlessly connect the products you're already using with the help of many native integrations. DocuSign also provides thorough statistics, allowing you to keep a record of everything and uncover ways to improve your workflow.
  • DocuSign also allows you to have an infinite supply of templates, so you won't be worried about removing previous ones to make way for new ones.

Zoho Sign

Description: Zoho Sign is a safe, cloud-based electronic signature solution that allows users to sign any kind of business paper, get it officially signed by many others, and control and evaluate it all online.

Best for: Small, medium, and large-scale orgs.


  • Standard: $10 per user, per month, when paid annually
  • Professional: $15 per user, per month when paid annually
  • Free plan: 5 documents per user, per month

Evaluation of Key Criteria:

  • Ease of Use:  Zoho Sign is a market leader in the e-signature space, keeping in mind its ease of data integration, IT administration, and product strategy.
  • System Support: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3, Windows Server 2003 (SP 3 and above), 2003 R2, 2008, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016. Macintosh OS 10.9 and above. Lollipop 5.0 and above.
  • Document Support: Supported document types include: pdf, jpeg, doc, png, and more.
  • Security: Zoho Sign offers bank-level security with AES-256 encryption while at rest and SSL/TLS encryption while in transit.

Advantages over DocuSign:

  • The Zoho Sign platform efficiently allows you to track papers that need to be filled out and signed, then sent to clients. You may also send client reminders on a regular basis.

Disadvantages over DocuSign:

  • DocuSign is a cost-effective solution to obtain digital signatures. It gets the job done, and the support team just needs a little training to issue agreements to customers.
  • Critics believe that DocuSign has been the best alternative when it comes to continuous product support.
  • We favor DocuSign's orientation over Zoho Sign's based on feature upgrades and guidelines.


Description: SignRequest is a safe and contractually enforceable e-signature solution that allows you and business partners to quickly and easily sign agreements as well as other papers without printing, signing, or scanning them.

Best for: Companies of all sizes


  • Professional: $10.28 per user, per month
  • Business: $17.14 per user, per month

Evaluation of Key Criteria:

  • Ease of use: Easy uploading of documents, ease in placing spaces for signatures, ease of use for clients.
  • System Support: Unclear
  • Document Support: Supported document types include: pdf, jpeg, doc, png, and more.
  • Security: SignRequest is ISO 27001-certified. The ISO 27001 certification is a global standard for information security.

Advantages over DocuSign:

  • Less pricey than the competition (including DocuSign).

Disadvantages over DocuSign:

  • SignRequest doesn't allow customization of user accounts.

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