We're Hiring a Staff / Principal Designer

Hire in Q2, for start ASAP, reporting to the Head of Product.

We're a fully-remote team, but for this role we will only be hiring people located in US timezones (US, Canada, LatAm).

We try to avoid titles at AbstractOps. While this JD is scoped to capture the right kind of candidate profile, your title will be something simpler like "Designer" or "Design Lead", and we will look to you to lead, shape, and champion product design at our company.

What we’re looking for

  • 5-8+ years of experience, ideally on B2B SaaS (bonus for working on products that aimed for “consumer grade” UX). Experience with data and analytics products a huge plus.
  • We'll band and compensate according to seniority and level (”Senior”, “Staff”, “Principal” designer — though we avoid titles once someone is on the team); while this is an IC role to start, we’re flexible on whether you’re like to pursue an IC vs. Manager track long-term as we build out a team.
  • You're okay working as the sole designer on a team. We have lots of design-minded people so you won't be on an island though!
  • Someone with a strong product design background; any experience in visual / interaction / system design is a big plus.

Most of all, what we’re seeking is a product designer who can strike the right balance across the board — e.g., on the following dimensions:

Frameworks vs. first principles — you bring strong prior experience with design systems & IA, borrowing from best practices, but also love to work from a blank slate on a new product category, and can create new UI/UX models where needed

Form vs. function — you have good instincts on when to favor one over the other in service of designing complex products / platforms

Strategy vs. execution — you’ll be our lead designer, and mold the design strategy, language, and culture; but you’ll also be creating hands-on mocks, wireframes, and user flows

User vs. team mindset — you have deep knowledge of, and empathy for your users and their challenges, and can bring that to life in your design; but can balance that with the constraints of working in a tight-knit PM, Product Ops, Design, & Eng org with an ambitious roadmap


If you are wondering how to think about the banding levels below, please check out Levels.FYI — the way we think about our levels is quite similar to the market, and Google / Facebook / etc. use similar terminology to describe their levels of seniority.

Additional Notes on Compensation...

* When we make our offer, we’d be happy to share more on how this is calculated.
** We recognize that people have personal situations with different cash needs; we're happy to discuss trading off cash and equity, as long as overall compensation is still in line with our bands.
** Percentage ownership is based on current share count (fully-diluted shares outstanding); it does not account for expected dilution from already-issued SAFEs.

Note: we apply a modest cost-of-living adjustment; we provided two examples above in the table, but if you’re curious, here’s a fuller list of Zones / Locations.

We try to be fair and transparent with compensation, in order to avoid back and forth and negotiation. After all — if we materially changed our compensation based on negotiation, it means we gave you a low-ball offer to begin with!

What's the interview process?

  • First round with CEO or Head of Product: 45 min
  • Second round with Lead PM & Engineering team (~60 min)
  • Final round with CTO & [Head of Product / CEO] (~60 min)
  • 2 Reference Checks
  • Offer & "Social Contract"

Curious about a work trial / lean hire?

If you’d like to explore a “lean hire” or a work trial, we’d love to explore that too! We haven’t done it much, but it aligns with our culture so it’s worth a shot :).

Should you apply?

Research shows that underrepresented groups apply only if they meet 100% of the criteria. AbstractOps is committed to leveling the playing field, and we encourage women, people of color, those in the LGBTQ+ communities, and veterans to apply for positions even if they don’t necessarily check every box outlined in the job description. This is the exact reason we don’t say “requirements” anywhere.

If our mission, our culture, our values, our approach to hiring or anything else you just read made you nod your head vigorously, please still get in touch; we’d love to connect and see if you could be good for this or other roles (now or in the future!). In addition, if you have feedback for our JD, or process, please also reach out to let us know. We are relentlessly focused on experimentation and growth as values, after all!

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