Storing your Company and stakeholder info

AbstractOps allows you to store all of your most important company information in one, easily accessible place! Ranging from basic company info like your legal name, DBA, NAICS code, mailing address to your banking info and even your equity data and stakeholder information, you can use this section to easily copy and paste data quickly and efficiently to wherever you need it to go. No more wasted time searching through documents and data to find all of this important information, it's all stored right on the Company Info section for your ease of access!

Once you populate this information, it will automatically pre-fill information in new state registration applications and other workflows.

Filling Out Company Info

  1. Log into AbstractOps;
  2. From the State Compliance app, use the navigation panel on the lefthand side of your screen to navigate to the Company Info section;
  3. In the Company Info tab of this section, you will notice various sections as well as various fields within these sections. Hover your cursor over a field until the pencil and copy icon appears. Use this to edit or copy and paste any information.

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