Welcome to the AbstractOps Community!

A free slack community for top founders and operators!

We've designed this community to help with all the pesky elements of starting and running a business, such as fundraising, hiring & contracts, state registrations, taxes, payroll, offer letters and more. 

Join a community of people just like you (BizOps Wizards, Chiefs of Staff, Co-Founders…), who are here to help you source best practices, think through the different pros and cons, and share their own personal experiences. 


Community Guidelines

Be respectful

Treat others with respect and as you’d like to be treated. We want this to be a safe space for people to ask questions, and our motto here is there are no dumb questions.

Actively participate

This means: asking all of your burning questions, engaging in conversations and discussing strategies. You’ll have the chance to engage with some pretty cool speakers in fireside chats, founders and operators in our community.


Keep it confidential

This should be a safe space for people to discuss some of their most pressing concerns, and that takes a lot of courage. Let’s be respectful and keep these discussions in the community and not share them. 

No Spam

Please and thank you! We’re all here to learn and help each other. This is not the place to sell or generate leads. If you engage in the community and help out, it’s the best way to get people to know you and what you’re doing, better.

  • What is the AbstractOps community?

    The AO community brings together founders, and operators who are joining together to discuss operations best practices and share their knowledge and experience with others. In our community, you’ll find spaces to ask for pros and cons on complicated operational decisions, gain insights from our series of events, network with like-minded founders and operators, and if you’re an AO client you’ll have access to masterminds and product office hours as well. We’re always open to new ideas, so if you’re a part of our community and you’d like to see something different, let us know!

  • Operations is a broad term, what kind of operational support can I expect in the AO community?

    We’re experts in back-office operations, so all processes that aren’t directly focused on your company’s product or service. Here are some questions you could expect to see in the community:

    • How do I set up payroll?
    • What’s a PEO vs. an EOR, and which should I use?
    • How do I draft a terms sheet for fundraising?
    • How do I register my company in my state?
    • What’s a 409a valuation and when do I need to get one?
    • Can we issue stock to a customer?
    • How do I manage and track vendor payments?
    • What’s the difference between an accountant, a bookkeeper, and a CFO/Head of Finance, and which one do I need?
  • I want to invite a friend to the AO Community, why can’t I add them?

    We’re working hard to make sure that the community remains a spam-free and service-solicitation-free space, which is why we have the application. If you have a founder or operator friend who you think would benefit from the AO community, have them join us here. 

  • I’m receiving inappropriate messages (spam, vendors…). Who do I tell?

    Shoot our Community Lead, Paula, a message on Slack. She’ll help address the issue with the person in question. 

  • Is this legal advice?

    No! Any or all advice, suggestions, recommendations, or other topics you see, hear, or participate in is not considered nor should be construed as legal advice.

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