Adding an Existing Registration

Adding an Existing Registration

The State Compliance App gives you a simplified way to manage all of your state registrations in one centralized place within AbstractOps. In order to manage all of your state registrations, however, you will first want to add all of your existing state registrations to AbstractOps, and here's how:

  • Go to<your-company>/state-compliance
  • Click + Add New, then + Add Existing Registration
  • Select the state you're already registered in
  • Click Save & Continue, then add the details of each department you're registered with!

Read on for detailed, step by step instructions on how to add existing state registrations to your AbstractOps account.

Detailed Steps

  1. Log into AbstractOps;
  2. From the State Compliance app, click + Add State at the top right, then click + Add Existing Registration from the dropdown;
  3. Select the state you're already registered in, then select Save & Continue this will create the existing registration in the Your Registrations section of the State Compliance dashboard;
  4. Once you hit Save & Continue, this will automatically redirect you to the newly created state page where you may fill in the state details;
  5. Click on the + next to Documents to upload any state documents - Note for Core clients: here is a how-to article on uploading notices to AO;
  6. In the Processing section, click on the πŸ”’ icon in each of the departments to add the details of each department registration;
  7. Fill in the fields, then click Mark Step as Complete this will move the registration down to Completed Registrations; and
  8. Click on the πŸ”½ arrow in the completed registration to view the details, or click on the ✏️ icon to edit the details.

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