AbstractOps exists to enable our clients to move faster

Too many businesses waste precious time distracted by operationally intensive or tedious work.

We want to power the next generation of companies that recognize it’s best to focus on your core competency and outsource everything else. Until today, every company had to waste hundreds of hours a year managing non-strategic processes.

Context switching sucks. Use AbstractOps instead.


Make entrepreneurship accessible to anyone.

Not everyone has access to startup networks, capital, or know-how. It is unfortunate that these advantages are locked away in private conversations and handshake deals. We can't solve everything, but we address a small but important portion: the ability to navigate all of the complexity and "overhead" that come with keeping a company alive and functioning smoothly.

To adapt the Ratatouille quote: Not everyone can become a great founder; but a great founder can come from anywhere. Our goal is to help make that possible.

Our Values

Being fair is in your long-term self-interest — choosing short term outcomes is tempting, but life is long, and the world is small. Life is a multi-turn game.

We try to make fair decisions by considering the intersection of empathy and pragmatism.

In case the concept of fairness is still fuzzy, here's a litmus test. A fair decision is usually one where a disinterested third party, who has access to all the relevant facts, thinks is reasonable.

At first, we had "Ownership" here, but didn't love it, since a) it's generic as hell, and b) we realized that the precedent value to Ownership is Trust. You can be told "You're an Owner!" all you like, but if people keep micromanaging you, or if there is a lack of autonomy, it doesn't work.

You shouldn't ask for either forgiveness or permission. Instead, a trusting environment falls somewhere in the middle... ask your peers and managers for their thoughts on any thesis where you have conviction, to make sure you aren't missing anything. If so, run with it. This is the thoughtful way to break the mold.

AO becomes a generational company when you take risks and take initiative, especially with Type 2 decisions (those that are easy to reverse). We expect you to mess up once in a while, as long as you (and we as a company) learn something valuable from it.

We're enabling every startup, every company to embody kaizen; not just based on their own history and "knowledge graph" but — through transparency and better data — the experience of thousands of other companies in their shoes.

We don't reinvent the oval wheels, just the square ones. We reason from the first principles. We question current practices but without being iconoclastic. If the current "best practice" is solid based on logical reasoning, we codify it. If "market norms" make no sense, we question why it works that way by a) stress-testing assumptions, and b) coming up with a better solution.

Plus, curious people are just way more fun to be around. They're more fun to talk to, to learn from, and to grow together with.


The AbstractOps Family

We are honored to be backed and trusted by some of the smartest founders, operators, and investors. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

VC investors

Craft Ventures

Hustle Fund

Loup Ventures


Oyster Ventures

Tribe Capital

Solo Capitalists and Super Angels

Naval Ravikant

Scott Belsky

Cindy Bi

Allison Pickens

Packy McCormick

Austin Rief

Sam Parr

Chris Golda

Austen Allred

Julian Shapiro

Avlok Kohli

Ankur Nagpal

Babak Nivi

Nikhil Gopalani

Founders / CXOs at 20+ unicorns






Duo Security













Human Interest





... And another 300+ startup operators and angels

Investor Type Bio
Craft Ventures VC Fund Investors in Airbnb, SpaceX, Uber, Twilio, Twitter, Lyft, Slack, Opendoor, Reddit, Pipe, ClickUp
8VC VC Fund Investors in Asana, Flexport, Blend, Palantir, Oscar, Wish, Oculus, Hims
Loup Ventures VC Fund Investors in Levels, Catch, Enjoy, Masterworks
Hustle Fund & HF Angel Squad VC Fund Investors in Webflow, Nerdwallet, Pulley, Pill Club, Contra
Naval Ravikant Founder Founder @ AngelList, Investor in Uber, Twitter, Notion, Lever, Yammer, Thumbtack, Wish, Superhuman, Postmates
Oyster Ventures VC Fund Investors in Bolt, Forge, Postmates, Alpaca, Coinlist, Telegram, LogDNA
Jake Zeller / Jonathan Swanson VC Fund Partner, AngelList & Cofounder, Thumbtack
Transmedia Capital VC Fund Investors in AngelList, Compound Labs, Snap, Domo, Hippo, Wish
Sam Parr & Syndicate Founder Founder & CEO, The Hustle
Chris Golda & Syndicate Founder Fmr. Cofounder, Backtype (acq. Twitter), Founder at Rogue Capital
Cindy Bi (CapitalX) Solo Capitalist Investor in Cruse, Zapier, Rippling, Retool, Algolia, Sendbird
South Park Commons VC Fund Investors in Pilot, Render, Compound Labs
Zach Holman Founder Fmr. Early Team @ Github, Fmr. Founder @ Signed, During
Outsiders Fund VC Fund Investors in Shelf, Tango Technologies, Flux, Zorus
Scott Belsky Founder CPO @ Adobe, Founder @ Behance
Babak Nivi Founder Founder, Angellist and Venture Hacks
Julian Shapiro Founder Founder of Demand Curve, Startup Investor
Accomplice VC Fund Investors in AngelList, DraftKings, Freshbooks, Patreon.
Nikhil Gopalani (Ambition VC) Founder Fmr. exec at Republic, RTFKT (acq. Nike)
Ranjini Vijay & Vishal Thacker Angel
Oliver Nicholas Executive VP Engineering, Nana.io, fmr. Head of Infra at Uber, Yelp
Phil Spector Executive GC, ThirdLove
Allison Pickens Executive Fmr. COO, Gainsight
Ankur Nagpal Founder Founder at Teachable
On Deck Runway Fund VC Fund
Tribe Capital VC Fund Investors in Carta, Kraken, DCG, FTX, Bolt, Front, Relativity Space, Republic, Instabase, Pipe
Dash Fund VC Fund Investors in Laika, neo.tax, Pave
Jon Runyan / Dan Wright Founder GC, Okta & CEO, DataRobot
Earl Grey VC Fund Fmr. Co-founders, Clearbit
Packy McCormick Solo Capitalist Founder, Not Boring
James Beshara Founder Fmr. Cofounder, CrowdTilt (acq. Airbnb), Founder @ Magic Mind
Trent Herren Executive
Austin Rief Founder Founder, Morning Brew
Avlok Kohli Founder CEO @ AngelList
Faraz Fatemi Executive
Ralph Furmaniak Founder Founder @ Parafin, Fmr. early Robinhood
Harvey Multani Founder
Austin Ogilvie Founder Founder @ Laika
Austen Allred Founder CEO, BloomTech (fka Lambda School)
The MBA Fund VC Fund Bessemer Scout Fund
Christine Healey Angel
Craig Clemens Founder
Sean Moran Executive Fmr. Product Leader @ Carta
Jon Oberheide Founder Fmr. CTO @ Duo Security
Daniel Blanaru Executive Chief Growth Officer, Hippo Insurance
Alexander Fahmi Angel
Walter Aldana Executive VP, Snowflake
Adam Swick Angel
Bebe Chueh Founder Fmr. Cofounder @ Atrium, fmr. CMO @ LegalZoom, CEO @ Basis Finance
Vishal Kapur Founder Fmr. Cofounder & CTO at Screenhero, Co-Founder & CTO @ Leap, Fmr
Andrew First Founder Fmr. Cofounder @ LeanPlum, Co-Founder & CTO @ Plannery
Catherine & Niko Hrdy Founder
Larry Gadea Founder Founder & CEO @ Envoy
Jared Fliesler Executive Fmr COO @ Scribd, Board Member @ PAX
Blake Stanley Executive
Jeff Weinstein Founder Head of Stripe Atlas, Fmr CEO @ Wagon
Henry Ward Founder CEO @ Carta
Gagan Biyani Founder Fmr. CEO @ Udemy, CEO @ Maven
Nick Caldwell Executive VP Eng @ Twitter. Fmr. CPO @ Looker and VP Eng @ Reddit
Sima Gandhi Founder
Arie Rapoport
Sharon Rapoport Executive
Andrew Gale Executive
Biao Boey
Joe Malcoun
Pushwaz Virk Executive
Stefanie Silverman
Suhas Shetty
Robert Leshner Founder Founder @ Compound Labs
Sandeep Kini Founder
Jinal Jhaveri Founder
Esteban Reyes Founder
Joshua Alban Founder
Eliot Siegel Angel
John Coogan Founder Co-Founder & CTO @ Soylent, Lucy
Charlie Feng Founder Co-Founder @ Clearco
Harry Hurst Founder Founder @ CEO @ Pipe
Karim Atiyeh Founder Founder & CTO @ Ramp
Paul Brown Executive
Gautam Shewakramani Executive
Anthony Chen Executive
Noah Gale Founder
Walter Chen Founder
Philippe Legault Angel
Jessica Wang Kane
Andy Louis-Charles Executive CSO @ Custom Ink
Adam Jensen
Nikhil Saraf Angel
Emilie Choi Executive COO @ Coinbase
Josh Jaffe Angel
Kunal Bajaj
AngelList Access Fund
VC Fund
Kabe Roashan
Alexi Robichaux Founder Co-Founder & CEO @ BetterUp
James Bachman
Bharat Naik Angel
Emily Kramer Executive Fmr. VP Marketing @ Carta, Co-founder @ MKT1
Ashwin Krishnan Angel
Dara Ladjevardian Founder
Joshua Steinman Founder
Siqi Chen Founder Fmr. CEO @ Sandbox VR, Co-founder @ Runway
Jonathan Wasserstrum Founder
Evan Shiue Founder
Julian Okuyiga Founder
Samir Shah Founder
Chris Gezon Angel
George W Easley Angel
Ram Gudavalli Founder
Gary Chou Angel
Christopher Chan Executive
Andrew C Adair Executive
Geoffrey YuHasker Executive
Ashley Smith Angel Fmr. GTM Exec @ Gatsby, Github, Gitlab
David Greenbaum Founder
Dominic Preuss Angel
Irene Ann Yartey-onyango Angel
Maria Artunduaga
Adam D'Amico Angel
Shrikant Shanbhag Angel
Peter Baker Angel
Paul Virdone Angel
Immad Akhund Founder CEO, Mercury
Bryan Wilson Founder
Alexander Erikstrup Founder
Sam Reddy Executive
Grace Chang Founder
Nadav Eylath Founder
Javier Avalos Founder
Jamie Hutchins Angel
Umesh Patel Executive
Lenny Rachitsky Founder Founder @ LennysNewsletter, Fmr. Growth PM @ Airbnb
Rahul Shah Angel
Prateek Panigrahi Angel
Ashley Flucas Executive
Arjun Banker Executive
Brad Romney Founder
Sam Elliott Executive
Kathleen Estreich Executive Fmr. Marketing Exec @ Scalyr, Intercom
Vijay Kakadiya Angel
Yang Niu
Nikhil Kundra Founder
Tal Siach Executive Head of Marketing @ Wix
Ruo Ding Li Angel
Michael Straka Angel
Bradley J Larson Executive
Ashim Khemani Founder
Sahil Bloom Solo Capitalist Partner @ The Room Where It Happens
Vaibhav Mallya Executive
Daniel McAuley Executive
Scooter Sabel Executive
Miguel I. Solano Founder
Chris Moreno Executive
Daniel Kahn Executive
Timothy Luong Executive
Islam Sharabash Executive
Saachi Pole Executive
Ryan Buckheit Executive
Craig Isakow Founder
Bill Boulger Angel
Tushar Kirtane Executive
Amy Yin Founder
Jack Richardson Executive
Barron Caster Executive
Peter Silberstein
Ryan Endacott Angel
Desmond Brand Executive
Pardhu Gunnam Founder
Akanksha Manik Talya Executive
Luba Lesiva Executive
Jon Whiteaker Executive
Mac Reddin Founder Co-Founder @ CEO @ Commsor
Ravi Parikh Founder Co-Founder @ Airplane, Fmr. Founder @ Heap Analytics
Amit Nithianandan Executive
Miriam Vu Angel
Vijen Patel Angel
James Li Angel
Jaireh Tecarro Angel
Rob Schoder
Peter Liu
Amit Patel
Arjun Kannan Founder Co-Founder @ ResiDesk
Oz Nazilli Angel
Dawn Wheeler
Paul Debahy Angel
Jules Walter Executive Product @ YouTube
Donavan Trieu Executive Chief of Staff @ Laika
Aaron Schwartz Executive CBO @ Loop
Ann Ferracane Founder Founder @ Patch Ventures
Luis Robles Founder Co-Founder & CEO @ Vento Community
Beau Wittmer Angel
Brandon Taleisnik Executive VP Operations @ On Deck
Anjali Kundra Founder Co-Founder @ Partender
Anil Jindia Founder Angel Investor, Co-Founder @ Dwelito
Delly Tamer Founder Founder & CEO @ Biztera
Julian Weisser Founder Co-Founder @ On Deck
Vinay Narayan Founder Founder @ Fraxi
Damola Abiola
Mark Kahn
Dana Jinaru Angel
Nino Tasca Angel
Jesse Keyser Angel
Brandon Schram Angel
Kimia Hamidi Founder Head of Savings @ Ramp
Melissa Z. Moore Founder Startup Marketing Lead @ Stripe
Shiv Mahajan Angel
James Kung Angel
Harpreet Marwaha
Peter Katz
Nicolas Giuli Angel
Ina Miller Angel
Jason Li
Bala Venkatrao Angel
Kasey Lundquist Angel
Elizabeth Milne Baum Angel
Derek Wolters
Jack Friedman
Abe Park
Madeline Rock
Azella Perryman Angel
Katherine Kang
Judy Abad Angel
JT McLain Angel
Justin McLoughlin Angel
Guled Yousuf Angel
Varma Chanderraju Angel
Aamir Panjwani
Bryan Altman Angel
Janis Newman
Eduardo Zaldivar Angel Investor @ Clovis Point Capital
Katie Kent Founder Product Lead @ Panther, Advisor @ On Deck
Brendan L. Weitz Founder Co-Founder @ CBO @ Journey
David Ma Angel
Barron Ernst Angel
Brian Nichols Angel
Yixiu Wu
Francisco Guerrero
Yameng Lee Thorp Angel
Jason Roof
Stephanie Chow
Kara Penn Angel
Gaurav Aidasani
Anant Chimmalgi Angel
Ian Wrigley Angel
Traci Ho Kim Angel
Lee Tat Kwong
Dan Hightower Angel
Hendro Riyadi Angel
David Hardoon Angel
David Packles Angel
Srivats Sivanandan Angel
Jason Wong Founder Founder @ Doe Lashes
Roger Lee Founder Fmr. CEO, Human Interest
Evan Walden Founder CEO @ Getro
Richard Freling Founder Co-Founder @ CommandBar
LaCona Woltmon
Robert Pieta
Ketan R Shah
Nathan Brebner Angel
Rooshil Shah Angel
Soham Maniar Angel
Annie Ahari Angel
Nisha Sarveswaran Angel
James Roche Angel
Samson Walla Angel
Angelo Alessio Angel
Subbu Rama Angel
Anand Mariappan Angel
Mayank Kumar Angel
Brian Dawson
Jennifer Piro Angel
Ian Logan Executive
Monique Barbanson Angel
Maggie Engler Angel
Wanshi Zheng
Mandar Bale Angel
Jen Liao Angel
Saad Fazil Angel
George Zeng Angel
Shawn Dimantha Angel
John Robinson
Alexis Weill Angel
Sameer Trikha Angel
Karen tay
Manoj Narayanan Angel
Ronak Patel Angel
Arturo Moreno
Minjeong Kim Angel
Val Katayev Angel
Jason Jasmine Angel
Ben Kubic Angel
JP Bray
Cody Collier
Jeff Gorelick
Lokesh Rajaram
Ashish Sharma
Preetham Gaddam
Ben Gilfillan
John Sherwin
Noah Belkin
Henry Woodman
Henry Armistead
Michael Simpson
Cooper Brown
David Melamed
Eckhardt Weber
Matthew Grodin
Dmitrii Gabrielov
Bernard Liang
Steve Kim
Kesava Narasimhan
Kumar Puspesh
Nicholas Daniels
Anil Altun
Jonathan Volk
Rohan Chheda
Aaron DiAntonio
Daniel Snow
Frank P. Fechner, MD
Sriram Vaidhya
Raphael Leiteritz
Gaurav Bansal
John Daniel Lemp
Merlin Kauffman
Blake Hayward
Mikhail Mayzenberg
Ari Paparo
James Silverman
Xueshi Yang
Kevin Henrikson
Eric Franchi
Mark Moran
Bo Yang
James Rahardja
Christian Endter
Adam Garcia
Justin Garten
Tatsuya Oiye
Joe Speiser
Courtney Guertin
John-Paul Gallo
Nick Horob
Grant G.
Dennis Hegstad
Derek Cicerone
Boris Korsunsky
Kelsey Lemaster
Andrey Semenov
Zachary Ginsburg
Kris Mohan
Maria Artunduaga, MD MPH MTM Angel
Frank P. Fechner, MD
Name Title Type Bio
Hari Raghavan CEO Employee Fmr. COO @ Forge Global, BCG. Angel investor @ Notion, Rippling, Mercury, On Deck, 30+ others
Adam Spector COO Employee Fmr. Product @ Twitter, Founder/CXO @ Datalogue (acq. Nike), LiftIgniter (YC W14, SV Angel, Khosla, Initialized). Angel @ Gingko Bioworks, BetterUp, Checkr, 40+ others
Bhavesh Kakadiya Engineering Employee Fmr. Eng #1 @ Superhuman; prev @ Zynga
Loubna Akermouch Engineering Employee Fmr. Team Lead @Datalogue (acq. Nike), founder.
Anthony Lobko Engineering Employee Fmr. Staff Engineer at Forge Global
Angela Smith Design Lead Employee Employee #4 and Principal Designer @Homebase, t-shaped designer and PM
John Puma Operations Employee Fmr. Founder of real estate tech startup, operator at other early-stage startups and accelerators.
Brian Sica Operations Employee Fmr. Sales & Marketing Operations Manager at RapidRatings & Duco
Pooja Parthasarathy Product Lead Employee B2B SaaS product leader; formerly quant trader, institutional investor.
Nikki Ameling Operations Employee Paralegal with 11+ years experience in business, contract, real estate and civil law.
Spencer Moran Engineering Employee Fmr. eng @ Blizzard, Amazon.
Xavier Simpson Operations Employee Former Ops @ Uber, Qwick, & Ofo.
Matthew Ryan Operations Employee Led programs and operations in public health, corporate change management and business strategy.
Shannor Trotty Engineering Employee Software Engineer from Ga Tech.
Dona Ganzorig Engineering Employee Software Engineer from U Chicago.
Garret Bonosky Operations Employee Former operations consultant and political operative.
Deepanshu Pal Growth Employee Fmr. Chief of Staff @ Locale, Growth Lead @ Pareto.
Noah Itovitch Operations Employee Fmr. corporate M&A at law firm, McGill masters in finance, McGill law.
Kristin Bass Operations Employee Fmr. Operations Analyst in financial technology.
Phani Ketana Growth Employee Fmr. Head of Growth @ Lancify , Marketing @ Red Bull.
Zeinab Konate Operations Employee Former Operational Compliance and Sales Operations.
Gwen Ranada Operations Employee Fmr. Operations Consultant.
Laura Grégoire Operations Employee Fmr. Customer Success Manager @ Athennian, Corporate Paralegal
Melissa Mosteller Operations Employee Fmr. Customer Success at a women’s telehealth startup
Wade Testa Operations Employee Fmr. Head of Finance @ CIRCA
Jordan Zomparelli Operations Employee Paralegal with 5 years experience in business, real estate, and civil litigation
Rebecca Bailey Operations Employee Fmr. Chief Of Staff @ Thinkific
Kim Hackmann Operations Employee Fmr. Operations and Client Services Director in the insurance industry
Ray Rauch Operations Employee Fmr. VP of Customer Success at Concord
Holly Snider Operations Employee Fmr. Specialist at a moving and delivery startup
James Smith Operations Employee Fmr. Licensed CXR at Robinhood
Alyssa Lane Operations Employee Fmr. Technology Training Specialist II at Ricoh USA, Inc.
Henry Lee Operations Employee Law + Tech
Paula Abarca Community Employee Fmr. Experience & Ops Associate at On Deck
Tory Morgan Sales Employee Fmr. Strategic Account Executive at Doctible
Alokita Verma Growth Employee Fmr. Sr. Growth Marketer at Centilytics
Oliver Nicholas Advisor Fmr. Head of Infra at Uber, Yelp
Betty Kayton Advisor Fractional CFO for Dropbox, AngelList, Vungle, Patreon, Recurly
Andrew Parker Advisor GP @ Spero Ventures, Fmr. GP @ Spark Capital
Amar Sood Advisor Fmr. CTO @ Forge Global
Rohan Relan Advisor Fmr. Founder Cursor Suite (YC S16), Agawi (acq. Google)
Nick Hofmeister Advisor 3x Founder, Mentor @ TechStars, Ex-Bain
Devon Watts Advisor Fmr. Marketing Leader @ Carta, Asana
Rob McGrorty Advisor Fmr. VP Product @ Axiom, Knowable (acq. LexisNexis)
Cheryl Sew Hoy Advisor CEO @ Tiny Health, Fmr. CMO TenderMint, HackReactor
Jabulile Dayton Advisor Fmr. Early Airbnb
Michael Novati Advisor Fmr. Early Facebook

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